About subject class MENDER

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown, though implied near Earth longitude 0
Date of synthesization: September 28. Year is unknown.

Mender has establised a relay to data nodes containing their "interests".
(WARNING:missing data. Do not interact.)

(Further analysis required. Don't proceed unless your probe protocols are modified to withstand excessive memory bytes.)

[[Data Stream]]

Subject class MENDER goes by moniker "Sonikal" most commonly. He appears to have an omnipotent level of power over this section of the wired. Logged records prove the Mender as the oldest organism in this section of the wired.

Ocasionally, MENDER is usually stimulated and distracted by interactive mediums, known as "video games" in the public wired, proved by information relayed from the aforementioned Interests information nodes.

[[End Data Stream]]